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Aufnahme MRT Schädel - PRaxis Dr. Sebastian Lins

Your MRI radiologist in Munich for private MRI Munich

A clear view into the body
Please call +49 89. 380 359 46 for appointments or select your desired MRI date for Munich online:

Aufnahme MRT Schädel - PRaxis Dr. Sebastian Lins

Latest equipment, quick appointments, central location in Munich, years of experience and detailed consultations. All this works in unison in my new radiological MRI Munich practice.

I am a specialist physician in Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine. Let me welcome you at my private MRI Munich practice. Please familiarise yourself with information about us and do not hesitate to contact me and my team, espacially if you want to take an mri in munich. We also offer whole body scans and other preventive MRI examinations. So combine your visit to our lovely Munich with an meaningful MRI examination.

A latest-generation MRI machine is available for you at my Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine practice. It enables us to produce high-resolution, conclusive images, which can serve as the basis of a valid and accurate diagnosis.

This makes it possible for your attending physician to apply effective therapy for quicker recovery.

Yours, Dr Med Sebastian Lins
Specialist in Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
2nd place among the radiologists in Munich and 4th place among the radiologist in Germany on Jameda
(Germany´s leading Doctor evaluating site). Also high ranked by  google and Proven Expert.

Welcome to my MRI practice at the medneo diagnostics centre. Its modern and comfortable rooms await you with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Our employees and I speak English. Therefore the assistance of an interpreter is not mandatory, if you speak English. 2 of our employees also speek Spanish. If you do not speak German or English (or Spanish), you must be accompanied by an interpreter when visiting us.

Our latest-generation 1.5 Tesla magnetic resonance scanner produces accurate
images for diagnostics. Overweight patients and patients with claustrophobia
need not worry: the MRI scanner has a short, open tunnel with a diameter of 70 centimetres, offering much space and comfort.

If desired, immediately after the MRI examination, I will be happy to discuss its results with you in detail, and provide you with the MRI images on a CD. We report the findings to your attending physician.

The MRI examination uses magnetic fields and is gentle and pain-free. There is no use of X-rays. With it, you get detailed cross-sectional images of your body in different views. MRI images make it possible to detect and localise injuries, inflammations, wear and other problems.

MRT Termin
Dr. Lins explaining MRI Pictures
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MRT Stuttgart Privatpraxis Dr. Lins

My services

Preventive examination and treatment (no state-supported GKV insurance

Full-body MRI check-up for early detection of diseases:

This MRI examination includes the head and the trunk and is a perfect addition to the preventive examinations done by your family physician, offering an overview of the condition of your internal organs, and early detection of stroke and tumours.

MRI joint status for those interested in sports:

Provides an overview of the condition of your larger joints (e.g. shoulders, elbows,
hands, hips, knees, ankles and feet), making early prevention of joint wear possible.

MRI examination of the back (including the entire spine):

For preventing disc herniation, and detecting other sources of pain with possible
back problems.

MRI-controlled pain therapy of the back:

MRI enables more precise needle positioning, resulting in less tissue damage and more therapeutic success when treating nerve root and vertebral joint irritation in the spine.

MRI examinations with a pacemaker:

Thanks to our cooperation with the Cardiology unit of the Munich internist centre, I can conduct MRI examinations under cardiologic supervision, subject to prior clarification.

MR defaecography:

For detecting disruptions in bowel voiding.

Arrival and appointments

You can find my practice as follows:

My practice is handicapped-accessible, and is located in the medneo diagnostics centre on Floor 1 of the Motorama shopping centre, at Rosenheimer Str. 30. There is a large car park for many vehicles on the underground level, and the Rosenheimer Platz city train station.
Follow the medneo diagnostics centre signs from the main entrance, and take a lift to Floor 1.
From there on, you can reach my practice either through the new and very spacious outdoor terrace, which is particularly inviting in summer, or
in less-pleasant weather, via the Gasteig orthopaedics and neurosurgery practice.

Appointment by phone:

Monday to Friday, 7:30 to 18:00 (Central European Time)
Phone: +498938035946

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